HELP! I’m Technologically Challenged.

So I FINALLY started a blog.

My friends are always harassing me to start blogging because apparently there are people out there who actually read these things!  Who knew?!  (Apparently a lot of people, Ashton.)

Unfortunately, I fall into the category of “Technically Challenged”  and although I grew up with computers, cell phones and video games, I’m having SUCH a hard time figuring this thing out!  All I want to do is make it pretty, is that so much to ask?!  It needs more pink, more glitter, and more Ashton in general.

So here I am, trying to make posts that are probably going to be boring until I can figure this all out.  I’m in desperate need for help.

CALLING ALL BLOG NERDS (AND/OR EXPERTS).  Help me!  Save me from myself!

XO Ashton


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