Chocolate and Sparkles and Love: Oh My!


Ever year, the week before my birthday (woo!), I’m reminded about my LACK significant other.  Thank you Valentine’s Day, thank you very much.  But instead of being a sad old cat-lady (I don’t even own a cat…) this year, I’m choosing a different perspective.  To quote one of my favourite movies: “Love actually is all around.”

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romantic love between couples (gag!), it’s about love in general.  If we stopped listening to the media and buying into this Hallmark crap, us single ladies would realize that we DO have love in our lives.  I have been so blessed to have the BEST family and friends any girl could ask for.  They are always there when I need them and have given me a love I will never forget.  Today I give all my love back to you.

So this Valentine’s Day, instead of choosing the “Looking at pictures of your ex” option on your Songza, I think I’ll choose the “Putting on your party dress.”  Grab your girlfriends (or boyfriends) and go celebrate.  Celebrate your family, celebrate your friends, and most of all celebrate yourself.  You are beautiful, you are important, and you are loved.

And don’t forget the best part: Valentine’s Day is a day where it is completely acceptable to eat massive amounts of chocolate, wear pink sparkles, and watch RomComs all while NOT being judged.  My kind of holiday if you ask me!

Hope you all have a beautiful Valentine’s Day ❤ ❤ ❤



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