Cue My Quarter-Life Crisis


Welp, here I am… 4 days until the end of the world.  AKA my 25th birthday, the end of my youth, the beginning of the end!!  LORD, TAKE ME NOW!!

Whoa, whoa, whoa Ashton.  Take it easy.  Breathe.  In and out.  (Note: I am totally talking about and to myself in the 3rd person – get used to it.)

Growing up, “25” seemed like the oldest of the old, but I still feel like I’ve done pretty much nothing with my life.  Although it’s just this kind of negative thinking that instead makes me think of the positive (#typicalAshton).

I’m not old, I’m still a puppy!  A sponge to life; absorbing everything and anything I can.  25 is not the end of the world at all.  In fact, quite the opposite…

In my 25 years spent on this Earth, I’ve grown SO much.  I am blessed to have the most amazing family and friends.  I truly do not understand how one girl can have so many wonderful people around her.  I once met with a psychic and she said to me, “I have never seen anyone with so many angels surrounding them.  You have a lot of people looking out for you.”  I realize now that these angels must exist in physical world also.

I somehow successfully made it through the horrors of High School: the braces, the figuring out how to manage this crazy mop on my head, and the complete lack of understanding of who I really am.  Then I somehow successfully made it through University: the parties, the independence, and the terrible, terrible choices.  BUT I made it through.  After working in the real world as Sales Manager at Mistura Beauty Solutions for 2 years, I decided to further my education and take a Communications/Public Relations course. Not bad, right?!

So back to my original thought: I’VE DONE NOTHING WITH MY LIFE!!!!  This is obviously insane.  I’m reminded of Kathryn Stockett’s The Help where Aibileen tells Mae Mobley, “You is smart, you is beautiful, and you is kind.”

Who am I to say I’ve done nothing?!  I’ve only had 25 years and look how far I’ve come!  Every year is better than the last, so what makes this any different?  So instead of FrEaKiNg OUT, I think I’ll choose to celebrate my life so far and all those in it.

This Saturday, February 23, 2013, I will turn 25 years old.  Instead of looking back wishing I was a teenager again, I’m going to look forward to all that is still coming my way.  The good choices, the bad choices, the old friends, the new friends,

Bring it on 25, bring it on…


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