25th Birthday Extravaganza!!

Welp, turns out bringing in my 25th year was AMAZING!

I spent the day shopping with my bestie and found the cutest birthday dress. Black, polka-dots and sheer – what more can a girl ask for?! It’s sexy, it’s cute, it’s popular to boot (a little Bring It On reference for the day). It made me feel sexy and fun! Perfect for my quarter-life celebration.

Birthday Girl :)

Birthday Girl πŸ™‚

After a beautiful “family” dinner with friends the night began… More and more people showed up at my apartment and soon there was 23 people crammed into my tiny little place. It was hot, and sweaty, and totally fantastic. Nothing makes a girl feel more lucky than seeing all the people she loves most all in one room. It was such an honour and I’m so grateful for you all!

My boys <3

My boys ❀

We made our way to the Easy & The Fifth social club which turned out to be awesome. With a bottle service reservation (two bottles of vodka, one bottle of gin, one bottle of tequila, and a bottle of champagne – oh boy!) we were feeling like rock stars!! Typical Ashton my memory gets a bit blurry towards the end of the night but I know we danced, laughed, and had a grand ol time!

I will totally go back to this bar. They were very accommodating considering we were almost 30 people AND they had a chocolate fondue at the front! Ummmm HELLO is there anything better!?!? I kind of wanted to put my face in it but apparently that’s not a classy thing to do – who knew!

Anyways, my birthday was a success and I can’t wait to see what it brings…


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