Better late than never? St. Patrick’s Day 2013

Ah, St. Patrick’s Day. What a lovely day, if you ask me. It symbolizes the end of winter, and welcomes a new spring. It lets me use my Irish heritage as an excuse to drink green beer. And best of all, emerald green really compliments my skin tone.

This year, although I was fighting one nasty head-cold, I did manage to find myself some fun…

Saturday I spent the day with my new friend, Danica. Her boyfriend was able to get us tickets to Budweiser’s St. Party’s Day ( which was conveniently located at Ontario Place. A short walk brought us to this enormous outdoor tent filled with the most green I’ve ever seen in one room. Green pants, green shirts, green dresses, and green skirts (LOL sorry for the rhyme, I couldn’t help myself). People had some of the most outrageous costumes I’ve ever seen. My personal favourite was the guy in the one-piece, green dragon suit – it was super awesome.

Budweiser St. Party's Day

Sunday, a few friends and I went to 3030 ( for the REAL St. Patrick’s Day celebration. I love 303 because it is stocked with board games. Not just any board games. All the good ones! Apples to Apples, Operation, Boggle (I know, right?!), and my absolute favourite: JENGA!! We played games for hours. Any by games I mean only Jenga. We honestly played probably 100 games of Jenga. Each inevitably ending in a “Nooo!” *CRASH!*

We then decided to make use of the in-house face painter. Why should children get all the fun?! My friend went with the traditional four-leaf-clover design. With a little glitter around the edges, she was looking like a little Irish princess.

When it came to my turn, I decided to stick with the princess theme but add a little touch of Ashton. In case you don’t know what “A little Ashton,” means, it’s pretty much anything pink, glittery, jewelled, and has to make a statement. The lady gave me the BEST face paint I’ve ever had in my entire life so far. I was soooo Disney princess, it was unreal – just saying.


Anyhoo, St. Patrick’s Day was a hoot. And I can now look forward to the spring season ahead. Bring it on sunshine, bring it on…



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