Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills.

Male Friend: Well, who does all your handy-man jobs?

Ashton to Alex(Roommate): One of us should really get a boyfriend so he can do stuff around the house for us.

Alex: It’s true, we need a boyfriend who has great skills.


Hm, what an amazing concept: a boyfriend with great skills. Is that really so much to ask?

This random conversation over indie pop tunes and two bottles of red wine spawned a pretty brilliant idea. I will put out an ad, oh yes, I will put out an ad. An ad for the perfect boyfriend! Because let’s be real, this is basically how to make me my most happiest.


Ideally tall, dark and handsome (obvi.) and a great smile to boot.

Must have the following skills:

1) Handy-man skills – just like general fixing i.e. doors, windows, cupboards, tables, drawers, etc. Mainly anything that I will inevitably break.

2) Cooking delicious meals skills – I’m definitely a foodie so this shouldn’t be too difficult. And don’t forget dessert!

3) Taking-me-out-for-dinner skills – And I don’t mean to the same place either. New places, please!

4)Β General house-cleaning skills – Just pick up your stuff and don’t leave a mess – capiche?!

5) Technology fixing skills – TV, stereo, gadgets – Basically anything with too many buttons really stresses me out, so just take care of it for me okay? Also, general hooking-things-up skills.

6) Re-filling the BRITA jug skills – OK this is an Ashton-must. Nothing drives me crazier than finding an empty water jug.


That’s really not so bad is it?! Just generally making my life easier. I’m going to break things (okay, a lot of things), and it would be really great if you could just fix them for me. K thanks!

Now I’m not saying I don’t have some great skills to put on the table here, but that’s a different blog all together πŸ˜‰




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