A Curvy Girl’s Perspective: Spring 2013

This Spring’s fashion trends, although creative, are rather unrealistic for us bodacious babes. Like many women, I was blessed the gift of ‘Double B’: the Bust and Booty. And unless your 6-feet-tall and a size zero, I don’t think you’ll be rushing out to buy these latest trends.

1) Exaggerated Volume: Although for once it’s convenient that an over-sized moo-moo is actually “in style,” I think most women would prefer not looking 100 pounds heavier.

Chanel 2013

2) Japanese-inspired Dresses: You earn my utmost respect if you do manage to pull-off this trend without looking like you’re wearing pyjamas – just saying.

Emilio Pucci 2013

3) 60’s Silhouettes: Boxy sheath dresses and pleated mini-skirts? No thank you. Unless you’ve got the body of a super-model, these styles are going to do nothing for your shape.

Louis Vuitton 2013

Although I’m sure these styles would look great on many a body type, I just don’t see how they would complement a fuller figure. Instead, stick to figure-flattering styles and classic shapes.

If you share the ‘Double B’ with me, and manage to make these trends work, tweet me your outfit at @AshtonMMarcus.


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