Things I learned from Disney Princesses

Every child grows up with their favourite Disney princess.

Mine has always been, and always will be, the lovely but misunderstood, Belle. She was smart, beautiful, and always managed to find the best in people.


Growing up, I always admired and adored these young women. But in my adult life I’ve come to wonder: What messages were these princesses really portraying to us?

Things I learned from Disney princesses:

1) Ariel (The Little Mermaid)



– It’s okay to disobey your parents and give up on all your responsibilities

– Stealing other people’s things is okay as long as you have a really good hiding spot

– To make your crush like you, just change everything about yourself and essentially sell your soul to the devil

2) Cinderella



– Learning about general hygiene isn’t important! The animals will just do my hair, dress me, and obviously clean up afterwards

– Unless you have a fairy godmother or animal helpers, the rich and powerful will always win

– To make men notice you, you can’t dress in ugly clothes

– Cats are mean

3) Snow White

Snow White

– If you’re prettier than someone, they will probably try to kill you

– Don’t bother looking for love, just sing about it out your window and he’ll find you

– When lost in the forest, it’s completely acceptable to walk into someone’s home and touch all their things

– If someone is brutally ugly and offering you food, again they are probably trying to kill you

4) Jasmine



– Again with the parental disobedience, just because they’ve been successfully ruling the country for tens of years doesn’t mean they know anything

– Running away from a perfectly good home is obviously the option

– When someone tries to return you to safety, find a local criminal and follow him into dark, creepy alleys

– If someone has: friends in high places (a genie) and/or a pimped-out ride (flying carpet) they are obviously totally trustworthy

I know what you’re thinking, “But Ashton, you watched all these movies and you turned out magnificently!” And realistically, you’re probably right…

But I can’t help but wonder, maybe I should just disobey those who love me and run away from home,  find a criminal, break into someone’s home – all while singing about love.



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