Watch Me & My Clique Go All Out – Las Vegas 2013

Las Vegas.

Need I say more?

Don’t worry I will 😉

On May 9, 2013, I embarked on an epic 4-night trip to Las Vegas to celebrate my dear Alex’s birthday. It was the first time in almost a year that we (Alex, Laura, McKensi and I) had all been together; a girl’s weekend was in dire need.

And let me tell you when we get together, without any shred of doubt, massive quantities of fun are to be had.

We tried to warn them. Really we did…

* Day One Alex and I met Laura at the airport, meeting McKensi in Vegas. I swear the sign behind us is just a hilarious coincidence haha.


*Our flight was pretty typical: a little bit of Rummy and a whole lot of Caesars. That’s normal right?

I’d like to take this moment to note who WON the game of Rummy (by a landslide too)


Cards Ceasars

We arrived early Thursday afternoon, found McKensi and checked into the MGM Grand. Then we hit the strip for some mid-day city exploring.


I had never been to the desert before, and I knew it was going to be “hot”, but damn that sun was hot! My white Irish skin was no match. The obvious cure to such heat? Why a Margarita, of course!


margs 2


After consuming a portion of food meant for the world’s largest human being, we decided to take our margaritas for a stroll.


We took those darn drinks everywhere.





I LOVE YOU SHANIA!! (Sorry just had to get that out)

* Night One was spent at Hakkasan – the new club at MGM. We danced the night away – typical.

Where are the pics? Don’t ask…

* Day Two we went to Encore Beach Club. In a word: Insanity.



* Night Two was probably one of the most memorable to me. Here’s the situation: Laura and McKensi had tickets to the circus. Alex and I were searching for a show to see.

While walking through Caesar’s Palace, a ray of light is gloriously shining upon a sign that reads “Elton John” which I naively  assume to be a tribute concert of some sort.

So I ask the lady at the ticket booth, who informs me with an “As if you think this is a tribute concert, you’re in Las Vegas you stupid idiot” look, that it is in fact Elton John himself! Not only that, but tickets are ON SALE!

Cue Ashton barely being able to breathe.

Obviously we bought two tickets and the show was INCREDIBLE. I cried. 4 times. I couldn’t help it! He was so good. TOO good! He was intimate with the audience, shared funny stories, and played that piano like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

Truly a dream come true for me. A concert I will never forget.


*Day Three – Alex’s Birthday – our foursome became a fivesome with the arrival of Jessica! Our girl flew in from Cali to participate in the festivities.

The day was HOT HOT HOT; so we made our way to MGM’s lazy river. As much fun as I had at the pool parties, hanging out at the lazy river was probably our most fun day (apparently walking against the current for 3 kms is a sure way to grab poolside attention).

lazy river

alex me

*Night Three was our epic birthday celebration. We ate an amazing meal at Tao at the Venetian and continued the night from there. We felt good, looked great, and had an awesome time dancing and laughing with new friends.

Bday night



*Day Four we dragged ourselves to Rehab. But conveniently for us, this Rehab was a pool party whose only medicine was delicious cocktails served with a safety lid. It was our last day, and boy did we go out with a bang.

rehab 3


Definitely needed a shade break with some swim-up black jack. Right? ….Right?

swim up

*Night Four – our final night. We decided to venture out to Fremont Street. I had never heard of it before, but McKensi suggested it as something you have to see.

The moment we stepped out of the taxi, I felt like we were transported into 1965. Everything from the bouffant hairstyles and out-dated waitress uniforms, to the old fashioned casino lights I’d only seen in the movies. It was hilarious. I loved it.

fremont 2




By the end of this weekend, we were POOPED. With little to no sleep, we hopped on our flights home. All going to different cities in different provinces.

I love these girls more than anything and it was such an amazing weekend. Alex’s birthday celebration in Vegas was a huge success and I will never forget it.

These are memories I will cherish forever. And some that I will probably remember 2 months from now on the streetcar and laugh out loud scaring my neighbour.


I have to admit, it did feel good to be back home.

welcome back toronto

Ashton Says: Experience Vegas at least once in your youth. Prepare not to sleep. Bring sunscreen. And have a hoot!


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