Getting the Job: 5 Ways to Look the Part

As a student or young professional we are bombarded with a need for the right credentials and the right job experience or else you’re not getting the job.

But sometimes having the “right” resume isn’t always enough for employers, and sometimes having the “wrong” resume is exactly what they’re looking for.

Looking the part is half the battle when getting the part. Whether it be a job, a promotion, or just for getting the respect you deserve.

Here are 5 Ways to Look the Part:

1) Know Exactly What You Want 


If your end goal isn’t clear, the steps required won’t be clear – know exactly what you want. Have a clear understanding of your goal and what you need to accomplish in order to reach that goal.

Make sure your goals are realistic and don’t stress when things take a little longer than anticipated. One step at a time is all you can ask of yourself.

2) Know your Strengths 


Chances are if you are passionate about something, it plays to your strengths. Know your strengths and what makes you special; don’t be afraid to let your light shine. Life gave you certain skills and you should be proud of each and every one of them.

If you want your employer to notice your talents, make sure you can notice them yourself. This confidence speaks much louder than the words on your resume.

3) Ignore your Weaknesses


You should always be aware of your weaknesses, almost more so than your strengths. Your weaknesses are what make you human and we all have areas for improvements. But when looking the part, your weaknesses are no good to you.

You may be afraid of interviews or public speaking or to finally ask for that promotion, but fear will never get you anywhere. If you truly believe you’re the right person for the job, then stand up straight, take a big breath in, and do what you need to do.

If you believe it, it can happen.

4) Don’t be Afraid to Learn


Part of looking the part is knowing when people are the part. Find these people and never stop listening. You’re not expected to know everything about everything, but you are expected to be eager and willing to learn.

Looking the part is not only about your own goals and skill sets. It means both understanding the team’s strengths and weaknesses and how you can all learn and grow together.

5) Believe in Yourself


This one sounds obvious and cliche but it is the most important and often the most difficult. It is so easy to give up when things don’t work out but always remember your goals and why you’re here.

Know your strengths and put them to good work. Don’t be afraid to speak up and share your voice with the world, you are worth listening to. You can do this.

Ashton Says:

Go after what you want!

Having the right credentials can certainly help when applying for a job, but remember it’s not everything. To convince employers you’re the one for the job, you need to both look and act the part.

Know what you want and how to get it. Don’t let anything or anyone get in your way. Demand the attention and respect you deserve and never let anyone see your fear; show only confidence and motivation to learn.

Follow these steps and you’re sure to impress any employer.


One thought on “Getting the Job: 5 Ways to Look the Part

  1. Well done, Ashton! I think the steps you listed are important and provide clarity to whomever follows them. When you are clear it is easy to get what you want or come across really well to others.

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