What To Do With 101 Passions?

As a young professional I’m often told to “find what I’m passionate about and the rest will follow.”life-awesome

Seems easy enough, right? My problem is the more I search for my life’s true passion, the more things I become passionate about! I have 101 passions. It’s a vicious cycle that shows no visible signs of slowing.

As I grow, I realize more and more that life is truly remarkable. There are so many amazing opportunities and experiences out there that I wonder: how am I ever supposed to choose one? But then how could I ever manage all 101 passions? Surely there is a happy medium somewhere…

Building on my educational background of business and philosophy, and my professional experience as sales manager for Mistura Beauty Solutions, studying communications has opened my eyes to the professional woman I could become one day.

I enrolled into Centennial College’s Communications & Public Relations program in hopes of finding a new life course. I really had no idea what I was getting myself into (although I did know that Sex and the City‘s Samantha Jones worked PR and that looked pretty fun!) but I trusted my instinct and just went with it. Little did I know it would open up a whole new world to me; one that intrigued, and most importantly, inspired me.


To gain more writing experience, I randomly decided to take on an Editorial Internship at FILLER Magazine, an online fashion/beauty/culture magazine. When I first started, again I had no idea what I was getting myself into but my gut instinct said it was right and hey, I’d get to talk about fashion and beauty all day. I never anticipated enjoying writing so much. I actually really love it – who knew?!

So now here I am: I know I belong in the business world, I know I believe in studying philosophy and always considering ethical perspectives, I know I love the fashion and beauty world, I love event planning and using social media, and I apparently now love writing too.

World travel and education have exposed me to many things that have truly inspired me; I have dreams of being a famous fashion designer, or a modern political advocate, or a senior executive at an international PR firm …Basically, I still feel like a 7-year-old whose mind changes every week or two.

I’m not a musical prodigy, nor am I a cinematic genius. I’m not an innovation extraordinaire, nor am I discovering the cure for cancer. Do I have a true life’s passion? If yes, will I ever find it? When I find it, what do I do with it? Can I forever be the girl with 101 passions?

Only time will tell…

Ashton Says: Always trust your gut. Your head thinks too much and your heart is too emotional – they can’t be trusted. Your gut feeling is always the right voice to listen to. Always follow what makes you happy today and deal with tomorrow, tomorrow.



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