China – Day 1


For those of you who don’t know this already, I am doing a Communications internship in Beijing, China throughout August and September.

Basically it was the longest flight of life! OMG it was long. Anyhoo, not much happened today but here’s a brief breakdown of how my day went…

The Flight

We left the morning of Wednesday July 31st at 10:00am. (Mom dropped me off at the Toronto airport and she didn’t even cry – props to you Mom!)

2 hours in: Cass and I are enjoying the flight so far – the free wine definitely helps! It’s one of those crazy long flights where you think it’s already been five hours but really it’s been two. Ugh. Only 11 more to go! Thank god for movies and cards!! (Cass totally kicked my butt in Rummy, boooooo)

6 hours in: A few mini bottles of wine and a sleep mask are perfectly necessary right meow.

7 hours in: It’s a movie marathon over here. We decided to watch the same movie at the same time. AND after the third try, we hit Play at that SAME time – how exciting!!! (We officially need off this plane…)

8 hours in: Find Mary Poppins in the list of movies. We both discover our undying love for Julie Andrews. Further proving we are sisters from other misters.

8.5 hours in: We get more wine. Thank heavens. I CAN’T HANDLE THIS PLANE ANY LONGER!!!!

Welcome To Beijing

13.5 hours later we FINALLY arrive around 3:00 in Beijing!! We basically skipped right through Wednesday and straight on to Thursday. No one likes Hump Day anyways.

Typical Ashton: I’ve already lost a sweater. Left it on the shuttle train to baggage claim. This is why I can’t have nice things…

4:00pm: we find our Centennial rep. I’m in a cab and all I can say is THANK THE LORD I’m not driving in this city. Holy crap it’s insane on these roads. The cabby literally just zoomed ahead while in the middle of two lanes. No wonder everyone’s car is all dented and scratched. Pure insanity.

We also met this really nice family on the plane who work for the American embassy and they’re gonna take us out for dinner some night soon. Will be nice to get some pro tips!

4:50pm : Drove by a hipster. Weird!

The evening is kind of an exhausted blur. I really need some sleep. But we did manage to find some delicious dinner and found some wine in the most hilarous Mart of all time. Excellent!

Welp, my first day in Beijing was pretty sweet. Can’t wait to explore the city some more tomorrow. Internship starts on Monday.

Stay tuned for epic pics and more crazy China adventures!!

Ashton Says: Note to self, bring deodorant and toothpaste on 13 hour flights. Also, learn Mandarin.


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