China – Day 3


August 3, 2013

Yesterday was our first full day and I have to say it was pretty eventful. We’re still fighting the jet-lag so we were up pretty early. Aka 7:00am early, it was pretty brutal.

For breakfast we went to this place around the corner – don’t ask me the name because I have NO idea. There’s no such thing as “breakfast” food here apparently so I ordered this noodle dish. It was the biggest bowl I’ve ever seen, I couldn’t finish it and this lady gave me the stinkiest eye for leaving it. My bad.

Cass then had to go to the bank to exchange some money and the security guy was so epic. Instead of a gun or something he had this beating stick. With spikes on it. It was so awesome haha. I really wanted to see him throw down. Does that make me a bad person? Oh well.


After breaky we got suuuuper lost trying to get to the Ya Show Clothing Market. We tried asking for directions but everyone pointed us in different directions. Apparently fewer people speak english than we thought haha.

We finally made it and it was awesome and filled with every brand possible, and for like a third of the price. They had North Face jackets and D&G dresses for like $20CAD. Shenanigans. Shockingly enough I didn’t buy ANYTHING!! I don’t know how I had the self-control.


For the evening, we decided to go on an English-speaking-person hunt. Google told us that the most popular tourist spot is called Sanlitun, otherwise known as Bar Street. This lovely Chinese man named Tony (how do they get these names?!) welcomed us into this bar with 2-for-1 drinks, excellent for two women!

We ended up meeting a German and an American who joined us for the night! We had a hoot! The only downside, which we totally should have been ready for, was the hole in the ground toilet. It was quite interesting to say the least.


On our way home we walked by these crazy street vendors with even crazier foods. There was also this guy selling the cutest, tiniest puppies in the street. Oh my gawd they were soooo adorable!

Anyhoo, it was a pretty exciting day. We’re not sure what’s up for today but the day is young! Perhaps hit a park or check out a temple.

Ashton Says: Bring a map with you when exploring foreign cities. And don’t eat Chinese KFC.



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