China – Day 4


August 4, 2013

Oh boy was day four a good one!

I finally slept in passed 7:00am which was pretty glorious (was up at 5:30am yesterday), I think my jet-lag is slowly wearing off.

Today we decided to find some tourist info, which you’d think was a pretty reasonable request… On the map there was a “Tour Bus Station” so we decided to give that a go. We took three different subways to get there and when we get out we see a Tour Hub Dispatch sign. “Yes,” we think, “this must be it.” So we walk around like stupid tourists trying to read Mandarin signs and never end up finding anything of any use. Typical.

We DID however manage to find this woman who was like 104 standing in the middle of an intersection eating a piece of cantaloupe and yelling at cars as they honked at her. Seriously she was NOT moving for anyone; quite happy being in the middle of the busy street. She just shook her cane at passing cars and enjoyed her melon hahaha. It was so insanely hilarious. By far the highlight of my day.


Can I also just mention today was like 40 degrees celsius? It was sooo stupid hot I couldn’t even handle it.

Anyways, we managed to stumble upon Tianamen Square: home of the Tianamen Square Massacre (Google it). It was crazy cool. Definitely had the architecture I envisioned when thinking about China. The streets were filled with many different restaurants and little shops. Such cool stuff!




We stopped for a quick lunch in the Square and watched a chef butcher ducks for 45 straight minutes. I sneakily took a photo of him and I just want you all to check the face I snapped haha. It’s soo epic. He looks like he’s ready to kill at will. Seriously, look at it.


After lunch we ventured to the other side of Beijing, literally the furthest point possible, to get to the Beijing Zoo! Lord knows I love me a good zoo. This zoo was pretty intense. And by intense I mean absolutely insane. People basically just do whatever the heck they want; throwing food at bears, knocking on the glass at pandas and beaming a flashlight on nocturnal animals. I almost yelled at someone but I got scared; but seriously so mean of them. The animals were all SUPER adorbs though.






I was told about this before I left but I saw it for the first time today. Little kids walk around with these like assless chap inspired pants and just pee on the sidewalk – no matter who sees or who walks in it with new strappy sandals. I saw WAY too many naked children today. But I have decided that little Chinese babies are the cutest babies in the world! Oh my god they’re cute.

So back to the heat. Can I just mention again how gadamn hot it was today?! Honestly I drank three bottles of water and never once went to the bathroom (too much info? sorry about that…) I was basically sweating buckets ALL day. The air was thick to breathe and the humidity showed no mercy.

All in all, today was a very successful day. Lots of exploring and lots of fun!

PS. We’ve been keeping a Stare Count (aka how many times people stare at us) and today we reached a new high of like 60. Some people even said hello to us! We’re definitely famous now.

Til tomorrow…

Ashton Says: Drink lots of water. Beware the devil chef. And don’t forget to bring a towel – China is daaaaaaamn HAWT!!!


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