China – Day 6

Welp, today was our second day at the office. I would have written about yesterday’s first day experience except it was kind of a let down. A let down in the sense that they didn’t even really know we were coming and basically had no work for us. We sat around for a couple hours before finally getting assigned a task. Better late than never I suppose.

Everyone in the office is crazy nice and our colleague, Alex, took us out for lunch which was wicked nice of her! She is also the only the person who speaks English which is pretty handy haha.

We were going to get some groceries last night but we ended up back at Sanlitun, the bar street, on a mission to find some friends – typical. And in our unsuccessfulness we were actually really successful!

One of our travel books suggested a bar named D Lounge. Again we figured, “We’ll find it! How hard could it be?!” Famous last words apparently. We got crazy lost and out of my hangriness we stumbled into this place called The Local; an American inspired bar – and I have to say it was soooo refreshing finally being able to read a menu for once.

photo 1

We had a hoot at The Local! We took shots with the owner, and met two gems! We officially made some friends – finally!

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

Today was much more productive in the office. We finished off our work from Monday and were given an English piece to edit. It was a pretty brutal translation that required so much brain power. I could barely understand what it was talking about. But we powered through it and the team was incredibly grateful for our work! Very rewarding – well worth the headache!

Anyhoo, not much goin on over here right now. I’m thinkin a blog post about the CRAZY fashions is in order. You all NEED to see these outfits haha. Platforms are alive and well folks!

Ashton Says: Learn to speak Mandarin before arriving to China and invest in a fancy sun umbrella – I totally get it now.


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