Ahh! White people!


I’m almost through  my first week in Beijing, China! I have to say it’s been quite the experience already. People warned me about the staring but honestly, that hasn’t been the funniest part yet.

Sure we get a few stink-eye stares everyday, sometimes even a death-glare (this more comes from babies who are like “who the hell are you and why do you look so weird”) but the most interesting part so far has been our random encounters with other white people.

I’ve never been anywhere before where white people were the minority (minus Caribbean destinations but most of the resort is white people anyways) and I thought perhaps we might stick together and make friends. In fact it’s quite the opposite.

Let me walk you through a typical encounter:

Me walking down the street: LOOK A WHITE PERSON!!
White person: Oh gawwwd another white person!!
Both of us: *Duck and hide immediately!!*

I’m not sure why we’re so afraid of each other but for some reason it’s like spotting an alien. We’re just as guilty as the locals.

Ashton Says: I promise I won’t yell and point at you if you don’t run away from me. Let’s be friends! Please! I swear I’m really nice! Oh god I’m totally crazy aren’t I…


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