China – Day 10

Day 10 today! Wow wow wow.

I’ve been a little slacking with posts so I’ve got a lot of updating to do!

Our first work week is finished and it was a bit of a roller-coaster ride! Started off slow, then got busy, then ended kind of slow. We found out mid-week that they didn’t want to overwhelm us right away in case we were still fighting jet-lag which is actually very sweet. But we are definitely on China-time now and are ready for work – I hope it picks up!

Editing english here is still absolutely hilarious. It’s obviously a direct translation from mandarin and it never makes ANY sense. We’re slowly learning how to get the important info and make it sound professional. One page at a time, one headache at a time – LOL.

(I’ll have to take a picture of our view on Monday. We’re on the 23rd floor and it’s quite beautiful!)

Thursday night we went back to Sanlitun (Bar Street) for cheap beers. We ended up getting four beers and a hookah for 90 Yuan, which is about $15CAD. $15!! Soo amazing.

While sitting on the patio enjoying the people watching (we did see a fight which is always fun!) these two Dutch guys joined us. They somehow convinced us (me and my rubber arm!) to check out a dance club called BABYFACE.

It was actually sooo sick! The DJ was this chick who was so crazy badass. I love seeing women rock out – so confident! The club itself was quite large and filled with people dressed to impress. Unfortunately we were not informed of the fancy-pants dress code so we looked like dirty hobos in comparison. Ah bein.

The best part was the women were all wearing these EPIC high heels, like straight up stripper shoes which made it very hard for them to dance (or even move at all for that matter). This worked out really well for us because the dance floor was just filled with men.

At home, a dance floor filled with men (unless you’re at a gay bar) would be pretty lame. But here, the guys were JAMMING! It was hilarious. I’m pretty sure people thought we were just weird white people but they looooved dancing with us – the two Dutch guys included!


Friday was a much needed relaxing movie night at home. I was able to Skype with some of my besties and sit in some air-conditioning. I even at one point got a chill – lucky!

Today (Saturday) our office is hosting an art show which we have been invited to. I’m actually pretty pumped! Never been to anything like that before. I hope we get to see some cool stuff… I will definitely take pics and share with you!

Ashton Says: Work hard, play hard. Stripper shoes: not meant for epic dancing. Chinese dance floors: absolute hilarity. Dance score: Ashton/Cass – 1. Chinese girls – 0.


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