Paul Frank and Platform Shoes

Alright everyone, now I’m not claiming to be a trend-setting fashionista like Victoria Beckham (I friggin WISH!) or Kate Moss or anything, but didn’t Paul Frank and platform shoes disappear into 7th grade fashion history along with my braces and Tommy Hilfiger overalls?

I feel like I’ve been transported back in time over here. I have never in my life seen so much Paul Frank clothing and paraphernalia. That damn monkey face is EVERYWHERE!! Seriously though, you probably think I’m exaggerating but really he’s taken over. Bags. Dresses. Shirts. EVERYTHING!

And the platforms shoes! Don’t even get me started on the platforms shoes. It’s like the Spice Girls (the old, 1990’s amazing Spice Girls) came to the future and vomited all over Beijing. Sparkly platforms, wooden platforms, leather platforms – no matter, they’re here. And they’re here with a vengeance!

The other day I went to find some heels and you’d think stores would be overflowing with 6-inch stilettos as per usual but no, quite the opposite. Instead I find chunky heels with thick straps, big buckles and platforms. Platforms, platforms, platforms! There’s no escaping them!

They say everything comes back in style but really, Paul Frank and platforms?! Lord help me now.

I wish I could show you photo evidence, and trust me I tried, but I just looked like the crazy white girl taking photos of people in elevators.

Honestly though, what YEAR is it?!

Ashton Says: Someone kill me if I come home wearing a monkey face and ankle-breaking shoes. Just kidding, but seriously.





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