China Week 5 – Bei Hai Park

Boy Beijing is a cool city. I’m really loving it here.

Since we’ve already visited all the major attractions (The Great Wall, Forbidden City, etc. etc) we’ve taken to exploring Beijing’s natural beauties. And by natural I mean man-made parks and lakes – thank you Chinese emperors!

This past weekend we went to Bei Hai Park. An imperial garden for more than 1,000 years, it only opened to the public in 1925. It’s filled with artificial hills, stunning pavilions and beautiful temples.

My favourite part was the Jade Island. Located in the centre of Bei Hai lake, it’s topped with a giant White Dagoba, a Tibetan-style stupa built to honour the Dalai Lama in 1651. The day was perfect: the sun was shining and the humidity was low. A perfect day for a walk in the park if I do say so myself.



Also I should note, for five weeks now we’ve seen people eating these mystery white popsicles. They always look so delicious and we wondered what flavour could it possibly be?! White freezie or coconut?! OR could it be something completely unknown?!

You’ll be happy to know, we finally got our white popsicles. And the flavour was NEITHER white freezie nor coconut! It almost tasted like a mixture of the two with a touch of banana. Strange I know, but also incredibly delicious. Like nothing I’ve ever tasted before.

The case of the mystery white popsicle: solved.

We finished our Saturday night by meeting up with a friend we met a few weeks ago. He took us to this club where we actually ran into other people we know (some guys we met a few days prior)!! I never thought in a city of 22 million people, and considering we really have no friends here, we could bump into someone we know! Insane. Our little Chinese social circle is blossoming quite nicely.

Ashton Says: Chinese white popsicles: mind = blown.






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