Germany Meets China – Beijing Oktoberfest

Who would have thought that I’d celebrate two Oktoberfests in a row?!

Last year, my bestie Jon and I went to the real thing in Munich, Germany and had crazy amounts of fun. So you can imagine how excited I was to find out that Beijing was hosting its very own Oktoberfest this year.

With tents inspired by those found in Munich, Beijing overflowed with huge 1L beers, warm salty pretzels, and delicious roasted sausages. There were also a few things on the menu that reminded me I was still in China aka not knowing what the heck you’re eating.

We met up with this amazing American couple whom we met on the plane ride here. They brought along a bunch of other friends so our group totalled about 12 people. We all got along really well right away – usually chirping the other about whose country is better. GO CANADA GO!!

The day was a beautiful, sunny day and we were ready for our beers. We sat in the Hofbrauhaus tent which was recreated after the famous tent in Munich. Seating probably 2,000 people, these are not your typical tents.

We spent the whole day drinking out of massive steins and listening to either German folk music or not-so-great Pop music covers. Can’t blame them for trying!

All-in-all we had a great day. We made some new friends, shared some hilarious stories, and ate some delicious food. Doesn’t get much better than that if you ask me!

Ashton Says: No matter where you are, Oktoberfest-ing is always a good time. But remember to bring your arm strength – those beers are HEAVY!!


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