Slimy Yet Satisfying

Alright everyone, this one’s a biggy…

I, Ashton Marcus, ate a scorpion. A SCORPION!! I never, ever, EVER thought that I would eat a bug, let alone a scorpion. But I did it. And I have to say, it wasn’t half bad!

I felt kind of like Simba from The Lion King when he learns to eat bugs. “Hakuna Matata” I told myself as I slid the terrifying looking scorpion off the kebab and into my mouth.

Thank goodness it was oily and salty because I really did not want to know what that squish actually tasted like.

Although I didn’t quite make it to eating spiders or snakes, I’m pretty proud of myself for settling with the scorpion.

Excellent job, Ashton.

Ashton Says: Peer Pressure can be a bitch, but sometimes it pushes you into unforgettable moments and unique experiences that you know you’d regret not doing. It’s okay to give in sometimes. Life is too short! Hakuna Matata.






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