Watch Me & My Clique Go All Out – Las Vegas 2013

Las Vegas. Need I say more? Don’t worry I will 😉 On May 9, 2013, I embarked on an epic 4-night trip to Las Vegas to celebrate my dear Alex’s birthday. It was the first time in almost a year that we (Alex, Laura, McKensi and I) had all been together; a girl’s weekend was […]

Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills.

Male Friend: Well, who does all your handy-man jobs? Ashton to Alex(Roommate): One of us should really get a boyfriend so he can do stuff around the house for us. Alex: It’s true, we need a boyfriend who has great skills.   Hm, what an amazing concept: a boyfriend with great skills. Is that really […]

Saying Goodbye To My Friend

Last week I received a phone call that no one ever wants to get. It was news that my dear friend, Samantha, had passed away. I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t understand it. Why would God take such a beautiful, smart, amazing person? To be honest, I still can’t answer that question. There has yet to […]

Chocolate and Sparkles and Love: Oh My!

Ever year, the week before my birthday (woo!), I’m reminded about my LACK significant other.  Thank you Valentine’s Day, thank you very much.  But instead of being a sad old cat-lady (I don’t even own a cat…) this year, I’m choosing a different perspective.  To quote one of my favourite movies: “Love actually is all […]