Getting the Job: 5 Ways to Look the Part

As a student or young professional we are bombarded with a need for the right credentials and the right job experience or else you’re not getting the job. But sometimes having the “right” resume isn’t always enough for employers, and sometimes having the “wrong” resume is exactly what they’re looking for. Looking the part is […]

My First Semester in PR

  Before beginning the Corporate Communications & Public Relations program at Centennial College, I was in a work-environment where my creativity and communication skills were not being used effectively. I knew I wasn’t happy where I was, but had no idea where I wanted to go. The brief glimpse I’ve had into the PR world […]

Fun & Fundraising – Cents For Water

As part of my Corporate Communications program, I took an Event Management course. So obviously part of the class was to actually plan an event – more specifically a fundraiser. My team and I chose to support the Canadian charity, Free The Children. We named our event Cents For Water and would raise money to […]

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Six weeks ago if you asked me to define Project Management, I would have answered with something like, “I don’t know…managing projects?”  Today I definitely know differently.    There are so many details involved in planning an project that each step is  critical.  A “project” can be have many different definitions and sizes.  Everyday we […]